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Guidelines for the Submission of Articles

  1. In order for articles received to begin the process of evaluation in Market Processes: European Journal of Political Economy, they must comply with all of the journal’s publication guidelines described below. If they do not, they will be returned to their authors for correction.

  2. Manuscripts submitted for possible publication must deal with a topic appropriate to the field of study of the Austrian School of Economics, according to the principles embodied in the editorial line of the journal.

  3. The original and two copies of each text will be sent to Market Processes: European Journal of Political Economy, c / o Jesús Huerta de Soto, Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences, Rey Juan Carlos University, Vicálvaro Campus, Po de los Artilleros, s / n, 28032 Madrid. Either to the electronic address huertadesoto@dimasoft.es, or through the website of the magazine processesofmarket.com.

  4. The content of original manuscripts cannot have been published elsewhere or be in the process of publication in any other national or foreign journal, nor can they appear in a book by the author or in a collective work. All originals received will undergo a double-blind peer-review process.

  5. The total length of the work should not normally exceed 30 pages (10,000 words) typed in double space, including tables, graphs and bibliographic references. The delivery of the final version in computer support will be appreciated, preferably in Word format for both text and graphics.

  6. Each text must be preceded by a page containing the title of the work in English and Spanish and the name of the author or authors, along with their address and telephone number. On a separate page a brief summary of the work of about 150 words in Spanish and English will be included, as well as the keywords and the respective codes of the Journal of Economic Literature.

  7. The content of the paper is to begin on a new page. The different sections in which the article is structured must be numbered consecutively (1, 2, 3…), and point 1 is to refer to the introduction. Subsections will be numbered with two or three digits (e.g. 2.3, 2.3.1).

  8. The tables and charts included in the paper must be submitted in black and white and must be numbered consecutively. They are to be originals, and their titles and sources are to be specified.

  9. The bibliographical references which appear in the text (whether in the main body or in the footnotes) are to contain the author’s last name and the year of publication (in parentheses). In addition, page numbers may be included in footnotes (pp. xx-yy). For instance:

Mises (1940), pp. 479-482

  1. Footnotes must be numbered consecutively. The numbers are to appear in superscript, and the content is to appear in single spacing at the foot of the page.

  2. 11. The bibliography must be included at the end of the article under the heading BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES. These should be in alphabetical order by the authors’ last names according to the following format:


Last name and first name (in capital letters) of the author or authors, year of publication (in parentheses and with an identifier a, b, c… when the same author has published more than one cited work in the same year): «Article title», title of the journal to which the article belongs (in italics), volume (Vol.) and/or number (nº) of the journal, and page numbers (pp. xx-yy).


COASE, R. (1960): «The Problem of Social Cost», The Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 3, pp. 1-44.

HUERTA DE SOTO, J. (1980): «La teoría austriaca del ciclo económico», Moneda y crédito, nº 152, pp. 37-55.


Last name and first name (in capital letters) of the author or authors, year of publication (in parentheses and with an identifier a, b, c… when the same author has published more than one cited work in the same year): Title of the book (in italics), place of publication, publisher. Page numbers may also be included (pp. xx-yy) in the case of a contribution to a collective work.


HUERTA DE SOTO, J. (1998): Dinero, crédito bancario y ciclos económicos, Madrid, Unión Editorial [5ª edición, 2011].

MISES, L. VON (1994): La acción humana, Madrid, Unión Editorial.

  1. In the case of translated articles or books which are cited from the translation, the year which follows the author’s name will be that of the original edition, while the year of the translated version will appear in the penultimate position, just before the page references.

  2. Appendices will be placed at the end of the article, following the Bibliographical references.

  3. The journal’s editorial board, in view of evaluators’ reports, will reach a decision regarding publication within six months of having received the original manuscript. This decision may be conditioned upon the inclusion of modifications to the original text.

  4. Those authors whose papers are definitively accepted will receive, by email, a file in PDF format with a set of ordered proofs in which only minimal modifications to content can be made.

Guide to submitting your first article