Aims and Scope

Procesos de Mercado. Revista Europea de Economía Política is a biannual free and open-access peer-reviewed journal of general interest. It publishes papers from all fields of the social sciences in line with the thought and tradition of the Austrian School of Economics.

Only articles with a strong theoretical focus are considered for publication. Procesos de Mercado will consider articles that are based on (i) well-defined theoretical models, (ii) frameworks of applied economics, (iii) analysis of law and institutions, (iv) studies of epistemology and methodology, (v) history of thought economic, (vi) analysis of public policies, and (vii) empirical studies.

Dr. Jesús Huerta de Soto is the Editorial Board's Director, Founder and utmost responsible for the journal. Procesos de Mercado is managed by its Editorial Board, composed of the Director, the Secretary-General, four deputy directors, the Editorial Team and the Scientific Board. The Editorial Board is assisted by the Advisory Board, establishing the essential criteria and guidelines. These collective bodies assume full intellectual responsibility for the journal, ensuring the quality of the papers, which are subjected to an anonymous external evaluation process with "a double-blind peer review model" by qualified specialists.   


This evaluation process has a fundamentally constructive objective, that is, aimed at adding value to the works received, encouraging authors to rework their respective originals when necessary to achieve the high scientific level Procesos de Mercado wants.  

Procesos de Mercado aims to provide a forum to develop and extend the Austrian School of Economics and influence public debate, so we guarantee a fast and efficient peer review process (the initial publication decision will be made within a maximum of 90 days).   

Procesos de Mercado is published on a biannual basis, since 2004 without interruption. It has a Winter Issue (published on December) and a Spring Issue (published on June).

The article which has been approved for publication after the double blind revision, shall be published in the upcoming inmediate issue of the journal.

Nevertheless, if there are already enough articles for the upcoming issue, the article will be included in a waiting list and shall be published in one of the two following issues of the journal.
In case this is not possible, the author has the right to withdraw his article and present it to another journal.


Officially cited as: Procesos de Mercado.

ISSN: 1697-6797